Phone vs email: confessions of an email-man

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Phone vs email: confessions of an email-man

Graham Harman describes himself as an "email tragic". People know to email him, not call him, and he prefers it that way.

[Constant distractions are the bane of the modern workplace, including phone calls. So we were interested to read these comments from "email tragic" Graham Harman, CEO at software provider PrintFleet. The following is an excerpt from the full article published in CRN Australia magazine.]
“I live on email, I manage by email, I communicate by email,’’ he says. “In fact, I probably get more email than phone calls because people know I have email and respond very fast so because of that, they tend to happily email me rather than call me.  I find that efficient because we’re not chatting about the niceties of the day. And you have an electronic copy of it and you go through and follow the conversation. I do manage by email.” He says everyone, including customers, know and accept that he prefers email to phone conversations.
“They prefer that and I prefer that and I certainly get less phone calls today than I ever did in the past.People send me an email and I’ll send them an email. The nice thing about it is I can reply after hours when there are fewer interruptions and they have a copy of it.
“It’s not that I don’t want to talk to them, I respect that they’re busy, they respect that I’m busy and I think we can be so much more productive by email and I can type as quickly as I can talk
“And if I go to an appointment and they leave me out in the foyer waiting for a period of time, I will nail emails.”
Could you work without phone calls for a week? Add your comment below.
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