Optus socal media "warning" to Australian business

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Optus socal media "warning" to Australian business

The hype wave surrounding social media seems relentless, but it's not always the golden branch between you and your customers.

In terms of time-sucks, social media can be a big one for a small business. All those hours posting and tweeting can add up - is it time well spent?

There are varying opinions on this. We have seen incredible demonstrations of the ability to target potential customers by using Facebook as a way of advertising. And there are cases of people who have had success setting up their online business around a Facebook page.

Research out today from Optus throws some skepticism over this, though.

550 decision makers from business and 2,177 consumers were surveyed regarding their choices when it came to customer interaction. The result? Those surveyed indicated they will prefer to interact with organisations via their websites during the next few years, rather than socal media.

In fact, only 8% of the consumers surveyed favoured a social media approach to customer interaction.

If anything, opinion seems to have swung in favour of Facebook rather than Twitter for business use. Quite a few small businesses aren't huge fans yet of social media world anyway, if this previous survey by Telstra is anything to go by.

One thing is clear: there are a lot of self-proclaimed social media experts out there. And on that note, we'll leave you with this video:


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