Opinion: After 25 years of using Excel....

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Opinion: After 25 years of using Excel....

Jon Honeyball explains why he's not happy about being forced to move "up" to Office 2010.

I’m an Office 2003 kind of guy. I know where everything is; my muscle and eye memory is efficiently tuned to these apps and they work. They may not be filled with the latest glittery baubles, but I don’t care. It’s a workhorse that works for its living. 
Recently, I’ve been forced to move “up” to Office 2010, mostly because of file compatibility issues when using newer files on older versions of Excel. I’ll confess I don’t like the ribbon one bit, but I’m learning to master it. However, today, in a fit of pique and as part of the aforementioned Great Dell Refresh, I went radical, hip and chic and installed Office 2013. I don’t like this any more than Office 2010. 
In fact, I like it less, especially its version of Excel, which features a gratuitous sliding animation whenever you move the cursor from one cell to another. It doesn’t help in any way, but I’m sure dozens of engineers sweated to ensure this “kewl” feature was there for release. Personally, I’d prefer them to be working on getting Outlook 2011 for Mac to import OS X Mailboxes. Anyone can dream, can’t they?
To be quite clear, I hate this garbage, which grates horribly against my 25 years of using Excel. As a result, I started digging into the configuration menus to turn off this animation stuff, only to discover that you can’t: the user interface contains no switch for “Gratuitious 2013 animations ON/OFF”. You’ve got it and you’d better like it. 
It turns out you can disable it – if you decide to disable animations across the entire OS. Alternatively, you can dig around in the Registry and start fiddling with keys in an attempt to knock some sense into the program.
Only the Office team could have such downright disregard for its users. Imposing something like this on a new version of Excel and not providing a way to turn it off is beneath contempt, and shows how little Microsoft understands its users. Check out the suggestions here if you want to try to nail this sucker.
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