One way to sort out royalty issues so you can play music in your shop

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One way to sort out royalty issues so you can play music in your shop

The storeplay app lets you choose playlists for hairdressing salons, cafes and other types of businesses.

Many stores like to play music in order to provide a pleasant environment for customers. But many storeowners aren’t aware that they may be breaching copyright rules and are required to pay royalty fees to music distributors when they play music in a public place.

We came across another way to deal with this issue recently. storePlay is a monthly subscription service that provides you with music for a flat monthly fee.

storePlay covers all the royalty fees with the appropriate agencies. You choose the playlist you'd like to play in your store. This is managed with an iOS app that downloads the music to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You then connect the device to your sound system via the 3.5mm headphone jack or use a speaker system that works with your device.

The different playlists that storePlay has prepared are customised for particular types of businesses. For example, they have playlists for cafes, hair dressing salons and clothing stores already assembled. These have been put together by Australian DJ Dean Cherny.

If you prefer, you can customise the playlists and add your own tracks.

Each playlist offered by storePlay includes three hours of music and costs $30 per month. You can add further lists for an extra $25 each per month.

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