One of the oddest travel gadgets we've seen in a while

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One of the oddest travel gadgets we've seen in a while

Those "horseshoe" pillows not doing the job for you on plane flights? There are other gadgets to help you get some shuteye, if you're prepared to look like this.

We've seen some odd-looking travel pillows and sleep-aids before, but this one takes the cake.

It's called the UpRight Sleeper apart from (apparently) allowing you to sleep in an upright position, it avoids the embarrassment of slumping onto a fellow traveller's shoulder.

It costs $US40 ($38) and has been getting some attention online, and no wonder.

The brace can be adjusted to support the chin or forehead - whichever you find more comfortable - and optional satin or fleece covers to make the whole thing look, well, slightly less odd.

The Ostrich Pillow

Talking of looking odd, what about the £61 ($94) Ostrich Pillow.The designer suggests it's suitable for powernapping while you wait at the airport, but we'd be afraid of missing the flight.

A short person might just get away with using it onboard by leaning on the tray table, but anyone next to you would probably object to the jutting elbows.

The SkyRest Travel Pillow has been around for some time and gets mixed customer reviews.

While some people find it does make sleeping easier, others complain about the bulk of the deflated pillow, the sweat-inducing material, and the way your movements disturb the person in front and vice versa. It also seems to work better on airlines that provide a more generous pitch between rows of economy seats.

If you use any of these gadgets (we haven't, so your feedback is welcome) you'll need to be prepared to look at least a little bit odd, but you might think that's a small price to pay for a few extra hours sleep.

Though with modern in-flight entertainment systems and - if you're lucky - in-seat power to help your notebook or tablet last the distance, a sleepless 14 or 15 hour trans-Pacific flight can be bearable.

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