One of the oddest phone features we've heard about in a while

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One of the oddest phone features we've heard about in a while

Forget the iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor. Someone is working on a system that diverts incoming mobile calls when your brainwaves indicate your are concentrating.

What if your phone knew when you didn't want to be interrupted by incoming calls, by detecting your brainwaves?

Early this year - we're not suggesting this is news, just something we recently came across that we thought was interesting enough to share - Ruggero Scorcioni attended an AT&T Mobile Hackathon in the US. A hackathon is an event where programmers and related specialists gather to prototype software in a very short period of time, typically a day or two.
The first 100 developers to arrive were given a pair of Necomimi Cat Ears, furry cat-like toy ears on a headband that detects brainwaves. When the wearer is focussed, the ears perk up; when relaxed, they droop.
Scorcioni's idea was to combine Necomimi with features of AT&T's mobile phone service to divert incoming calls when the user's brainwaves indicate they are concentrating.
The resulting software, which he called Good Times, won him a $30,000 prize at the hackathon. That has allowed him to form a business and take the project from a prototype to a beta version. 
Nobody's suggesting that we're all going to wear cat ears at work - a brainwave sensor might be built into Bluetooth headsets. Scorcioni is also planning to develop more advanced algorithms that can detect a wider range of mental states so the software can learn the level of concentration at which the user wants call diversion to occur.
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