No IT training, but you handle the IT at work? Give yourself a pat on the back

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No IT training, but you handle the IT at work? Give yourself a pat on the back

Congratulations! There's now a semi-official job description for millions of people just like you.

You've got to hand it to people who sort out the IT at work when it's not officially their job.

If that's you, then give yourself a pat on the back. You're officially part of a worldwide brotherhood (which includes plenty of female members too) recognised in a new study.

And you now have a semi-official job description you can throw into dinner-party conversation for a laugh: "Involuntary IT Manager."

And all that time you lose setting up a new laptop, or getting Mailchimp working or installing the new office software? Someone has put a number on it - it's 3.1 hours a week.

In other words, you're missing out on a relaxed dinner and drinks with your partner, or a night out at the movies every week, in the name of getting IT to work.

All this is contained in this 18-page report all about "Involuntary IT Managers", or IITMs for short, commissioned by Microsoft. 538 IITMs were surveyed.

The fact that plenty of people have to deal with IT without any sort of training is hardly news. Whether it's done under the label "involuntary" IT manager, "accidental" IT manager or any other term, it's been a fact of working life for decades.

So how do you define an IITM? Here is a bit of what the report has to say: "Though often not formally trained as IT professionals, these individuals serve as the “Involuntary IT Manager” (IITM)  for their companies, managing everything from mail server maintenance to IT support and purchase decisions, in addition to their regular work duties."

What jobs do they do? The report states common day jobs are "principally general management functions, but, also encompassing sales/marketing, operations, HR/admin and finance/accounting."

Here are some other nuggets about IITMs, from the report:

  • "30 percent of IITMs feel that IT management is a nuisance."
  • "26 percent of IITMs indicated that they do not feel qualified to manage IT."
  • In Australia they average in age around 42
  • "IITMs are typically male. Australian IITMs have an "82:18 male/female ratio"

What's chewing up their time? Interestingly, data security, such as virus and spam was highest on the list in the report:



And how do IITMs solve IT problems? A lot of Google searches by the look of it, as well as friends and to a lesser extent, IT experts. Here is what the survey found:



It's nice to know all that hard work hasn't gone unnoticed.

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