New equipment sharing site launches

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New equipment sharing site launches

Mobilise allows you to make money from your equipment or hire other businesses' gear.

First revealed a year ago, peer-to-peer equipment hire site Mobilise is now officially up and running.

The idea is that businesses and individuals can make money from otherwise idle assets by hiring them out. Equipment is available for building, construction, events, farming and other activities.

Mobilise provides the catalogue of available equipment, verifies potential hirers' identities (using parent company Collaborate's PeerPass technology), collects and remits payments, and (through Aon) insures the hired equipment against theft or damage, with an upper limit of $50,000.

“Every day, billions of dollars’ worth of assets, from tools, to furniture, cleaning materials and even space, remain under-utilised. Owners must choose between either incurring the ongoing cost of ownership, or selling the assets, potentially for a loss,” said Mobilise general manager Rob Rattray.

“Rather than buying new assets, Mobilise is unlocking the power of the sharing economy by allowing businesses to access items at an affordable price on an as-needed basis. Simultaneously, we’re giving businesses the opportunity to make money from their assets, which would otherwise be sitting idle and depreciating in value.”

When Business IT visited the site, most if not all of the items available in Sydney belonged to equipment hire companies, but then Mobilise had only just been formally launched.

Collaborate CEO Chris Noone said: “We have the experience and success in creating similar marketplaces like DriveMyCar and MyCaravan, so the next step for us was to extend that offering to a wider range of assets for individuals and for businesses.

“We are very excited to deliver the first viable online platform capable of unlocking the enormous latent potential of under-utilised assets. Through Mobilise we anticipate unlocking opportunities that can increase productivity and deliver growth to businesses and the economy as a whole.”

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