Need help managing wireless in your office?

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Need help managing wireless in your office?

The Ruckus wireless Xclaim system is designed to make it easier to manage a wireless network if your office is not small, but not a corporate HQ.

Once your business grows and you need to add wireless access points to cover a larger space and deal with more connections, managing a wireless network can get reasonably complex.

At the start, you can probably get away with a consumer grade wireless router. And large corporate users can afford and have the expertise on hand to manage complex networks with controllers and other devices. 

But what about the middle ground where you need a few access points but don’t have the resources to support a corporate-style wireless network?

This is where Ruckus is pitching the new Xclaim system. They allow you to control several of their new WiFi products using a cloud-based service that is accessed via an app called Harmony.

When you have multiple access points working together in an office, you need to ensure that the signal from one access point doesn’t interfere with the others. This means you need to manage signal strength and frequencies. Harmony facilitates all of this.

Ruckus's Xclaim product range includes both indoor and outdoor access points that range in price from $89 for an indoor access point with their outdoor access point costing $299. 

Harmony for Xclaim app is a free download from the Apple iTunes Store (iOS 7.x and later) and Google Play Store for Android smartphones (version 4.1 and higher).  

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