Need a lot of storage? The Thecus N7710-G can hold up to seven hard drives

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Need a lot of storage? The Thecus N7710-G can hold up to seven hard drives

If you need to store a lot of data then you might want to take a look at the recently released Thecus N7710-G NAS.

The Thecus N7710-G can hold up to seven hard drives with 4TB of capacity each. Even if you set the N7710-G up as a RAID6 array, where two of the seven drives are configured to be redundant so that your data is protected in case two of the drives fail you'll still have around 20TB of available capacity. To put that into some context, that's as much as about 20 computers.

The data on the NAS can be accessed by multiple people as it's connected directly to the network –it won’t rely on file-sharing from a computer that usually requires someone to leave their computer on and logged in. There's some future-proofing built into the N7710-G as it supports 10GB Ethernet connections rather than the 1GB connections that are common today.

If you're inclined, you can even use the N7710-G to create your own private cloud and it comes with Acronis True Image for backups and McAfee Anti Virus so your data is protected.

The Thecus N7710-G NAS has a street price of around $1,350. You'll need to add your own hard drives to that. The Thecus drive compatibility list is the best way to ensure you choose a drive that is matched to the device.

A quick refresher on NAS: If you need to store and share lots of data within your business, the easiest way to do this is with Network Attached Storage, or a NAS.

The best way to think about a NAS is to consider it as an appliance rather than a computer. Like your toaster that has just one job (converting bread to charcoal!), a NAS is a device that holds on to your data and makes it easy to access. If you're still a little fuzzy, our 60-second guide may also help.

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