Need a LOT more storage?

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Need a LOT more storage?

Do you have multiple offices or servers? Are your systems requiring so much storage your IT person can't keep up? Read on.

For some businesses, the sheer amount of data you need to store is increasing fast. For this reason we are sharing with you some information for businesses needing to step up to serious business-level storage. From time to time we feature information provided by our sponsors and advertisers. In this case, HP has provided a white paper about its StoreVirtual 4000 product. You can download the white paper here. What's it all about? Below we discuss what it's all about.

For some businesses, the sheer amount of data you need to store is increasing fast. You might have your first virtualised servers, SQL databases, Exchange servers, web servers … these are all filling up your storage fast.

For some businesses, the next step is to move to a business-level shared storage platform. There are various brands and products on the market, but the one we're discussing here is HP's StoreVirtual 4000.

So what is the point? We're pointing you to this white paper from HP which you can download here (you'll need to supply your details).

The white paper was commissioned by HP, so it's full of praise for the HP product, as you'd expect. That said, you might find it handy if you're trying to get your head around business-level storage products - especially for servers - or you have an IT person that needs to.

Here is a summary of some pointers:

  • The general idea is a storage platform that "scales". Need more storage as your grow? You add it on.
  • In theory, it should be MUCH quicker to add more storage using this type of product. Think half an hour, rather than having to do an all-weekender.
  • Because of the time saving, HP is pushing the angle that there is thousands of dollars to save. Reduced outages is another advantage.
  • You could use this for anything from 2TB to 130TB (yes).
  • Products like this are good for businesses as small as 45 people, or much bigger.

The white paper goes into a lot more detail. Click here to fill in the form and download it.

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