NBN Co G.Fast trials show promise

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NBN Co G.Fast trials show promise

NBN Co has been trialling G.Fast - the technology it plans to use for reticulation in buildings served by Fibre to the Basement - and the results are looking promising.

NBN Co's first G.Fast trial has been taking place in a Melbourne office block with copper wiring that's more than 20 years old. The result: an impressive 600+ Mbps over 100m.

According to NBN Co chief architect Tony Cross, that could have been around 800Mbps if it hadn't been for the need to avoid interference with other broadband services on neighbouring wires.

"We have also been trialling G.Fast in our National Test Facility back in Melbourne and have achieved fantastic trial speeds of nearly 970Mbps over a stretch of 20 metre copper cable – so, the potential is huge," he said.

But it's not all about download speeds. Upload speeds are important if you need a lot of VoIP 'lines' in one place, if your staff participate in multiple videoconferences at the same time, if you need to send very large files to clients, or for various other reasons.

Cross explained "with G.Fast we think RSPs could offer end-users a range of product plans, including symmetrical speeds of, for example, 300Mbps download and upload, something that would hold great value for commercial end-users who wanted to have access to extremely fast upload speeds."

"If all goes well, we are looking to be able to launch G.Fast in around 2017," he said.




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