NBN announces "Medium Business Services"

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NBN announces "Medium Business Services"

This may be of interest if you're looking to take advantage of the NBN and your business relies on fast broadband.

There was an announcement this week that NBN Co’s Medium Business Services are available and will "help enable Australian businesses to make the most of fast and reliable broadband".

According to the announcement the products have capacity to support both high download and upload speeds, which are important for enabling business-grade applications such as multiline high-definition video conferencing and online backup.

We contacted NBN Co to get some more specific information. Remember, NBN Co doesn't actually sell services directly to customers. They're a wholesaler who provide products to other companies, retailers, who then offer deals to you. The new packages they offer are symmetric services that offer 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 30Mbps and 40Mbps speeds.

Symmetric means that you get the same speed when uploading data as you do downloading. If you're currently using ADSL, your upload speed – the speed at which you can send data – is much slower than your download speed. If you need to move large data files around then faster upload speeds are a huge benefit.

NBN Co's spokesperson also told us that " The Medium Business Services will also deliver the choice of enhanced fault rectification service levels for Service Providers, including the ability to have outages restored 24/7".

We do wonder though after reading this article, which reports NBN Co won’t be targeting areas that are poorly serviced by existing broadband arrangements.

So, on one hand we have NBN Co saying that new services will be made available, specifically addressing the needs of businesses. On the other hand, if your business is poorly serviced for broadband today, how long until the situation improves?

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