Navdy makes your dumb car smarter

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Navdy makes your dumb car smarter

The device sits on your dash, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and creates a heads-up display on your windscreen.

There are countless features on high-end cars right now, but a heads-up display (HUD) is one of the coolest and potentially most useful.

Just like a fighter jet cockpit, a HUD projects everything you need to see right up on the windscreen. They're usually found on top-of-the-range cars like the BMW 5 series, but thanks to Navdy this kind of technology can be transplanted into any car.

In a similar way that a Google Chromecast makes your old dumb TV smart, Navdy will give your car the same features without having to chuck the whole thing in. And it’s available right now.

The device magnetically clips to the dashboard; you then just strap the controlling dial onto your steering wheel, download the companion iOS or Android app onto your smartphone to provide the smarts and make the Bluetooth connection. 

The Navdy’s main use is navigation, but it does much more. All smartphone notifications can also be projected onto the windscreen, allowing the user to answer or reject calls with a wave of the hand, and even dictate texts and tweets via voice. It’ll even show car analytics – speed, RPM and the nearest petrol station. If you ever watched Knight Rider in the 80s, you’ll feel right at home.

But be warned, some of these functions may not be legal in your state. The NRMA, for example, explained that while using a HUD for navigation should be fine for NSW drivers, hands-free text messaging and other functions are not legal and P drivers can’t use a smartphone in a vehicle at all.

And it’s not exactly cheap. Although at the time of writing Navdy was offering US$100 off the regular US$600 price (A$792), that doesn't include shipping to Australia when ordering from Navdy's website.

Still, it’s a snip compared to the cost of the kind of car where this sort of thing comes as standard and there’s no denying it’s impressive, as this video shows:

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