NAB spruiks Facebook shop idea to busy business owners

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NAB spruiks Facebook shop idea to busy business owners

Setting up a Facebook shop supposedly takes about 30 minutes to set up using an NAB-backed system.

NAB has teamed with Tiger Pistol to provide small businesses with a simple way of setting up a store on Facebook.

The service costs $29.95 per month. This price is broadly comparable with standalone web stores such as those offered by OpenStore (from $399 per year, including payment gateways and a Facebook store) or aradium's Facebook-only stores (from $19.965 per month) but substantially more than MYOB's Atlas Transact, which is free for the first year, then $10 per month. More than 2,000 businesses are using Atlas's e-commerce features.

We're not suggesting that you should buy such services on price, but if someone wants to charge a lot more than the competition you need to investigate whether that's justified by the difference in the services.

For instance, if you think you may need a lot of hand-holding during the early stages, it might be worth paying extra to a provider that offers above-average support. There's no real indication of the depth of support available, but Tiger Pistol offers technical support for the Facebook store, while NAB takes care of the small business side of things.

Tiger Pistol reckons it takes about 30 minutes to set up a store with its system, and as a sweetener Facebook is throwing in $50 advertising credit for NAB/Tiger Pistol customers.

You can sign up with Tiger Pistol and NAB at, but before taking the plunge consider whether a Facebook store or a conventional e-commerce site is more appropriate for your business.

Despite the popularity of Facebook, remember that it only attracts a subset - admittedly a very large one - of all web users. What is it about your products that makes social commerce appropriate?


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