Mobile phone jammer targetting drivers is in development

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Mobile phone jammer targetting drivers is in development

If you rely on your phone for business while you're on the road, you might want to read this.

It's being reported that Indian researchers are developing a system that blocks mobile phone use for drivers. 

If they manage to invent it, the researchers from India's Anna University of Technology in Tamilnadu, say that the system will only block the driver's phone and not those of other passengers. That will be a nifty piece of engineering.
But until then, those of us that need to use our phones in the car have a bunch of rules to follow. Local laws in each state can differ. Make sure you check the rules for your state as each state has different nuances around what a suitable cradle is, for example. However, a common sense approach that keeps you safe while driving will keep you on the straight and narrow.
1. Get a handsfree kit
Never drive and chat at the same time without a handsfree kit. A wireless unit is worth investing in as it leads to fewer tangles with the seatbelt.
2. Get a cradle
If you use your smartphone for GPS then you need to secure it so that doesn't slip and slide around the car. In some states, a cradle is mandatory if you're using a phone as a GPS.
3. Learn to use voice recognition
Most smartphones have some sort of voice recognition and control system. If you need send a quick text, use your handsfree to command the phone to send the message.
4. Pull over
For anything more than a quick chat, pull over and concentrate on the call. Even with a handsfree, research has shown that drivers on their phones don't react to emergency situations.
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