Microsoft offering $100 cashback for each Office licence

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Microsoft offering $100 cashback for each Office licence

If you have decided to ditch your old versions of Windows and Office, here is an opportunity to save some money.

We’ve explained the benefits of getting a server here, but before you even get that far, there are very basic things you can do which might save you time in your workday. One is upgrading Windows on your computers.

Key points:

  • Microsoft offering cashback if you buy certain versions of Windows, Windows Server, Office.
  • Only applies if you are buying package of 5 or more licences (see story). You need to decide first if this is right for you, or whether you would be better off buying software off the shelf and not via these contracts.
  • Cashback includes $40 back for each Windows 7 licence, $100 for each Office licence.

If your laptops and PCs are still limping along on Windows XP, and you have decided it’s time to move to Windows 7, then this Microsoft cashback offer is worth looking at.

The deal is, spend money on Windows 7 Professional, Windows Server 20008 R2, or Office Professional Plus 2010, and you get cashback - $40 for each Windows licence, $170 for each Windows Server licence and $100 for every Office licence.

The deal applies if you buy the licenses between 15 April and 30 June 2012 inclusive. As is often the case, cashback offers aren’t exactly the most convenient thing in the world – you’ll need to scan your invoice and send it with various details to Microsoft, then wait for a cheque. As we will always recommend, make sure you look at the fine print before spending any money. The FAQ is here and fine-print here.

It’s not for everyone though. This offer applies if you are buying 5 or more licenses as part of a package Microsoft calls a Microsoft Open Licence Agreement.

So what is this arrangement? Instead of buying your software off the shelf in boxes from a retail shop, a package deal give you lots of licenses for your whole office. Generally, there are advantages like being able to spread the payments over several years, renting (subscribing) the software instead of buying, tech support and you get new versions when they are released. The other side of the coin is that you could be signing up to make payments for the software for a long period of time.

We would like to hear about your experience, if you have been through the process of paying for Microsoft software for your company. Add your comment below.

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