Microsoft is offering Azure for Disaster Recovery to Australian SMBs

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Microsoft is offering Azure for Disaster Recovery to Australian SMBs

If you haven't talked to your IT provider about disaster recovery, it might be worth discussing this with them.

Microsoft has announced something called Azure Disaster Recovery in the SMB space and on the local Australian Datacentre. So what is it and could it useful for your small business.

Firstly, it's unlikely many SMBs will be diving for their credit cards to create a new Azure account. However, if you use a service provider to manage your business' IT then it's possible that they will offer your Azure Disaster Recovery as a service.

Disaster Recovery is about having systems and data in place so that, in the event your main systems fail, are destroyed or you somehow lose access to them, you can get back to operating your business as quickly as possible.

Azure is the name for Microsoft's suite of cloud services. They recently opened local data centres so that Australian customers could choose to have their data kept onshore rather than in overseas data centres.

Microsoft is now offering Disaster Recovery services through Azure in the data centres they operate in Australia.

If you're business is dependent on IT and a system failure would harm your operations, you need to talk to your IT service provider about disaster recovery plans. Remember, a "disaster" might not be a hardware failure. Bad weather, that prevents you from accessing your office or some other natural phenomenon could hinder your ability to access the systems you rely on.

Having a plan in place should that happen is a smart piece of risk management. And a service like Azure DR might be a good thing to discuss with your service provider.

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