Marketing on Facebook: Claim your name...again!

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Marketing on Facebook: Claim your name...again!

If you want your Facebook page to be easily found, you need a vanity URL. And now, you can modify it if you change your mind.


With over 900 million users Facebook is both a massive market for new customers and the site of one the most massive land grabs in history as businesses tried to snap up vanity URLs.
Although customising your Facebook page's address isn't a new feature - it's been an option since 2009 - a recent change has made life a little easier for page administrators. If you decide to change your Facebook page's address, you can now do that.
Before, once you made the decision that was it. There was no second chance to fix an error, make a change if the company name changed or simply change your mind.
The process for creating a page is very easy. Just log into Facebook and go to, click on the Create Page button and follow the prompts, entering all the information that's required.
Part of that process allows you to set the address for your Facebook page.
To change the address - something you can only ever do once (but never could do before) you need to be a Page Admin. Go to the Facebook page and click the Edit Page button and select Update Info. Then choose Basic Information from the menu on the left side of the screen and click the Change username link on the page.
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