Macquarie Telecom offers 'business class' NBN services

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Macquarie Telecom offers 'business class' NBN services

Residential customers have so far been the focus of most attention during the NBN rollout, but Macquarie Telecom is specifically targeting the business sector.

Business class NBN by Macquarie Telecom

Macquarie Telecom will provide businesses with its full suite of voice, internet, data and SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) products over the NBN.

Rather than relying solely on the TC-4 (traffic class 4, or "best effort") NBN services normally used by RSPs for residential and small business customers, Macquarie will be also using NBN Co’s business grade TC-2 (guaranteed and symmetrical bandwidth, with low latency and jitter) and Enterprise Ethernet (fibre from the premises to the fibre access node, with speeds up to 1/1Gbps).

"While the NBN Enterprise Ethernet solution will be targeted at the higher end of town, it’s a service we think will also be eagerly adopted by medium-sized tech-savvy businesses," said NBN Co chief business customer officer Paul Tyler.

He also explained that the agreement between NBN Co and Macquarie Telecom provides the latter with access to NBN Co’s virtual network-to-network interface (NNI) link, giving Macquarie the ability to manage its network contention in order to meet its customers' needs.

Roughly speaking, network contention occurs when the aggregate bandwidth being demanded by a service provider's customers exceeds the amount of capacity it buys from NBN Co.

“High-speed connectivity has been prohibitive for many businesses in the past, especially in outer metro or regional centres,” said Macquarie Telecom group executive Luke Clifton.

“Price gouging has been common. Access to cloud and internet-based applications has been near-impossible for some.

"The rollout of the NBN access network brings real competition to these markets for the very first time, allowing our customers to realise the benefit of the NBN Co’s investment in its networking infrastructure.”

Unlike some NBN RSPs, Macquarie's service delivery, assurance and support staff will all be based in Australia.

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