Lots of .sydney domains still available - at a price

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Lots of .sydney domains still available - at a price

If you couldn't get your ideal domain name in the .com.au space, .sydney might be an answer. But you may need deep pockets.

The .sydney domain was launched a year ago and has attracted almost 9000 registrations, 97 percent of them by Australians and 77% by individuals and businesses within New South Wales. Which makes sense.

With special deals available from CrazyDomains ($79), Melbourne IT (the .sydney price isn't apparent, but we're assured there is a special offer) and Netregistry ($63), you might think you could afford to register a few to see whether they earn their keep in bringing traffic to your site.

But there's a catch. We tried some ideas, and discovered that burgers.sydney and flowers.sydney are up for grabs - but they are so-called 'premium names.' 

In fact, burgers.sydney will set you back $4050 at CrazyDomains, while the other two registrars want you to phone for details. What's the old saying? If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it...

And flowers.sydney is even worse: $13,500! Yet flowers.melbourne is available for just $79 from the same registrar.

According to Neustar, the company that operates the .sydney and .melbourne registries, more than 98 percent of the possible three and four letter .sydney names are not yet registered. But all those we tried turned out to be 'premium names' too.

If you suspect that the expansion of the domain name space is mostly about additional opportunities for registrars and speculators to make money rather than making life easier for the people who run or use web sites and other online services, who are we to argue?  

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