Like Dropbox, but with a difference

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Like Dropbox, but with a difference

Here's another alternative to Dropbox for your files. So what does odrive actually do?

There are dozens of different cloud storage options available today, but if you're worried about privacy and security an alternative is to create your own shared storage service using a NAS.

Now odrive has released its own version - the big advantage over shared folders on a NAS is that odrive is simpler to use. Also, unlike cloud services, you always know where your files actually are and you can carry out your own backups.

The way it works is you install a small program on a spare computer – it can run either Windows or Mac OS – you can create your own private dropbox system.

Like the cloud-based file sharing systems, odrive lets you access all of your files on other computers and work on synced files whether you are online or offline, on the same network or different networks. You can also invite to be able to access files from it and enable a group of people who have access to the same folder to be able to work on the same files.

All your computer needs is enough space to store as many files as you wish to share. You'll also need a robust Internet connection to ensure you can access your files.

So, is odrive worth the effort?

If you've got a spare computer with sufficient capacity and you need to sync files between multiple devices then it might be worth exploring. Certainly, it's not as easy as to start using as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) but it's not that difficult and you know exactly where your files are.

If you don’t have a spare computer, another alternative is to use odrive with Microsoft's cloud service  - Azure. This allows you to create a private cloud file storage system. Think of it as a private, only for your business, version of Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.


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