Lawn-mowing can benefit from the NBN?

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Lawn-mowing can benefit from the NBN?

Exactly how would you take advantage of the NBN if you’re in the business of providing physical services, not an ecommerce company?

With public debate still dogging the NBN rollout, we thought these videos below worth watching if you’re still deciding whether it is important to your business.

Click below to watch. The video features one of the more unlikely NBN spokespeople we’ve encountered so far: the head of a lawn-mowing and home maintenance business (they’re called LGHM and they’re in Armidale, NSW).

The video takes about 1:20 to get to the interesting points – Facebook, Twitter, cloud applications, using tablet computers. This is all standard talk for office-based companies and startups wanting to be seen to be ahead of the curve, but here we’re talking about men whose job it is landscaping, pushing lawnmowers, fencing, handling whipper snippers and fishing the odd magpie out of a chimney (according to a testimonial on their web site).

The video is brief and very general in nature, but it raises a couple of interesting points:

  • As we said in our free NBN eBook, just because a business isn’t office-based or Internet-based, doesn’t necessarily mean the Internet has nothing in it for them. At the most basic level, just being online means you at least have a chance at being seen by potential customers searching Google.
  • Even if you’re not selling anything online, you can still show off what you do. Take a look at LGHM’s Facebook page, for one example.
  • While this video was produced as part of workshop for small businesses in a community connected to the NBN (Armidale), a lot of what’s being discussed here isn’t NBN-specific.

Here’s another example, this time it’s a woodworker:

This business person (from Bungendore Wood Works Gallery) isn’t shy about saying Facebook hasn’t done anything for their sales of handmade woodwork. He does sing the praises of newsletters though. Another tip is to test online ideas first – in this case the company setup a relatively affordable ecommerce site first to see if customers would buy over the Internet.

Unless we missed it, there’s no mention of the NBN in the second video. It raises the obvious question – is the NBN actually necessary for any of this?

There are a couple of ways of looking at this question.

Firstly, Facebook, ecommerce, and a lot of the things being discussed in these videos, you could try now, without the NBN. This is perhaps one of the most important points raised in our NBN eBook – whether or not you have the NBN, customers and perhaps your rivals are going online to buy products and find businesses and you need to decide how you’ll adapt to that. The NBN will help you show-off your services and products and sell online (as well as potentially help you to take advantage of Internet-based customer service tools and possibly help your business save money and work more efficiently), but in terms of being online, this is something you can be thinking about anyway, NBN or no NBN.

If, on the other hand, you have a very poor Internet connection right now, the NBN might actually be crucial if you are to get your business online.

Whether you believe there’s something in it for you or not, it’s worth thinking about what all this means for your business.

What plans do you have for your business? Add your comment below.

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