Laser shAIR hub: a handy way to share files with an iPad

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Laser shAIR hub: a handy way to share files with an iPad

About the size of a deck of cards, the Laser shAIR hub gets around one of the iPad's more annoying "features".

One of the challenges of using an iPad for work is sharing files. The iPad's operating system (iOS) doesn't have an easily accessed file system, it's up to third parties to find ways around this annoying "feature". Enter the Laser shAIR hub.

Available from many retailers including BigW and Harvey Norman for $99, the shAIR hub is about the size of a deck of card but packs plenty of features.
The shAIR hub has two SD Card slots you can share files between devices easily. To do this, you'll need to download the free Alpheus Toaster app from the App Store. We used the app to transfer files from an SD Card to our iPhone.
To share files, you plug in the SD cards, then you can access them wirlessly via your laptop, iPad or phone.

If your files are on a USB device, there's a USB port as well. We tried this too, and it worked easily.
Also, the shAIR hub is a portable wireless router. This is handy for when you're in a hotel room with a wired Internet connection that you want to share with several devices.
Although the shAIR hub ships with a power adapter, it doesn't have to stay plugged into a power point. Despite it's small size, the shAIR hub also has a battery that can keep it running for a few hours depending on how heavily it's being used. As a bonus, you can connect your smartphone to the USB port and use its battery to give your phone a power boost.
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