Labor promises to "unleash" potential of NBN

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Labor promises to "unleash" potential of NBN

Labor will fund development of innovative NBN apps that will deliver practical benefits to small business. The question we ask, is what could those be?

We were interested to see this week that the Labor Party has pledged to set up a $10 million Small Business NBN Innovation Fund to help small businesses "unleash the full potential of the NBN."
How? They will fund development of "innovative" NBN-enabled applications for small businesses. Those applications will be free to download.
This has us wondering - what could those applications be?
We've written extensively about what benefit you might get from using the NBN.
Speed and reliability are two benefits: This will make a number of existing applications more feasible, especially for those in areas poorly served by current broadband providers. And those in metropolitan areas will also benefit from speed and reliability improvements.
But t's about more than just faster downoad speeds.
Some of the potential uses include online backup, while we've heard it's made working from home a lot easier for some.
While much of the attention has been given to the download speeds, for many business purposes the upload speed is as or more important. That's true for backup (you'll spend a lot of time uploading files, but you'll only need to download them in the event of a real or simulated disaster) and videoconferencing (from a single user's perspective, being able to download at 40Mbps is no great advantage if the other party can only upload at 256Kbps), among others.
Fast and reliable connections also make various cloud applications a more realistic proposition for many small businesses.
What other applications could "unleash" the NBN will be interesting to see. Add your own comments below.
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