Just feeling the burn, at my desk

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Just feeling the burn, at my desk

We've seen some off-beat office gadgets, but this Office Chair Strength Trainer is a standout.

Plenty of people eat lunch at their desk at work, but we draw the line at doing bicep curls there too.

But it is possible with the "Office Chair Strength Trainer", which allows you to perform bicep curls, shoulder presses and bench presses all without actually getting out of your seat.

The gadget is essentially two handgrips attached to an "elastic bands and pulley" system that the makers claim will let you do 20 different exercises. If you were inclined to do some shoulder work at your computer, the web site says they do ship to Australia, but the delivery costs don't look cheap.

It's actually potentially quite a useful contraption. We know from personal  experience how helpful stretching/exercising can be in alleviating back/shoulder pain.

Whether we'd be prepared to do this at our desk, in front of our co-workers, is another story.

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