It's time to change your Evernote password

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It's time to change your Evernote password

As you may already know, the popular software Evernote was the subject of a data security scare over the weekend. If you use Evernote, click here for the summary.

Worrying news if you're one of a reported 50 million users of the software Evernote - someone has tried to access Evernote users' private data.

If you use Evernote, here's the summary:

  • Evernote detected a potential security breach in its systems that manifested as "suspicious activity on the Evernote network that appears to have been a coordinated attempt to access secure areas of the Evernote Service". 
  • As a precaution, all users have been forced to reset their passwords.
  • In order to reset your password, you'll need to visit the Evernote web site. When you log in with your old password, you're required to change your password.
  • Don't forget that syncing with your desktop, tablet or smartphone apps won't work until you reset your password - that can't be done from the client applications.

According to an email sent by the Evernote Team, "no evidence that any of the content you store in Evernote was accessed, changed or lost. We also have no evidence that any payment information for Evernote Premium or Evernote Business customers was accessed".

However, that's tempered by a further statement that "the individual(s) responsible were able to gain access to Evernote user information, which includes usernames, email addresses associated with Evernote accounts, and encrypted passwords. Even though this information was accessed, the passwords stored by Evernote are protected by one-way encryption. (In technical terms, they are hashed and salted.)".

If you were using the same password for Evernote as you do for other online services like gmail, we suggest that you change those passwords too - in case the perpetrators try to use any data they collected from Evernote to access your other accounts.

Also, here is a list of passwords you shouldn't use


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