It's official: SEO spam is out of control

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It's official: SEO spam is out of control

Check out this email an SEO provider sent to someone at Google. Um, Google's probably happy with its search ranking, buddy.

Oh boy. We couldn't help but laugh at reading about this spammy-looking email sent by someone offering help with SEO.

Sound familiar? Apparently they'd been browsing a site and - what luck! - they think they can make a few changes that will "get it placed higher in the organic search results"!

Only thing is, the site they think they can improve is

Yep, apparently this supplier of SEO services sent one of these spammy emails we're so familiar with to someone at Google itself. If they can improve Google's search ranking, they're must be pretty good at what they do.

We spotted this in a blog post by Matt Cutts (who works at Google), who states that it was received by a colleague. You can read the full email on Matt's excellent blog here.

Plenty of companies get these every day. In our opinion, if it's coming from a gmail address, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Also, you probably also see emails that state that this is "NOT one of those emails". Sure.

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