Is your restaurant listed on TripAdvisor?

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Is your restaurant listed on TripAdvisor?

With more than one million restaurants apparently to be listed on Tripadvisor, is your restaurant there - and do you even want it there?

If you run a restaurant, this is probably a good time to register with TripAdvisor so you can make the best of your listing and also respond - carefully! - to your customers' public comments.

If our experience with the site are any guide, there is an extremely good chance that someone has already posted a review of your establishment.
Add to this the fact that the Tripadvisor site has announced it will be incorporating restaurant "data" from another network (called Factual) - meaning the combined sites will know about more than one million restaurants.
Urbanspoon also seems to be the go-to resource for restaurant reviews by cuxstomers and regularly appears on lists of the top restuarant-finder apps.


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