Is your @gmail or @hotmail address no longer cutting it?

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Is your @gmail or @hotmail address no longer cutting it?

Time to step up to business-level email? A basic introduction to iiNet's Hosted Exchange vs Microsoft Exchange Online.

Once you decide that your @gmail or @hotmail address isn't going to cut it as your business email, what do you do?

If your business is big enough, one option is to get a Microsoft Exchange server. But if you don't want to go to that much trouble, ISP iiNet is the latest to announce it is offering a Hosted Exchange service to small businesses.
Before we get into the iiNet service, a quick refresher explaing Exchange:
In extremely basic terms, you can think of Exchange as "business-level" email. You organise your own @yourcompany address, and the server handles things like your email contact list, company calendars, you can use it to book meetings with staff via their calendar, use the task scheduler....the list goes on.
The big development is that you no longer need to buy a physical server, find somewhere in your office to keep it, and pay someone to install and configure it and keep it running.
With a "hosted" Exchange server, you offload all that fiddling to someone else - the server sits in a data centre somewhere, and you pay an ongoing fee.
iiNet's Hosted Exchange service starts at $2.95 per month and no lock-in contracts.
There's also Microsoft's Exchange Online - which you pay for in Australia via Telstra for $7 per month as part of the Office 365 family of services.
So how do the two services compare?
For $7 per month, Exchange Online provides:
  • 25GB of storage
  • calendars
  • malware and spam filtering
  • the ability to view Office files attached to emails
iiNet's $2.95 'Exchange 1' plan offers:
  • 3GB of storage
  • malware and spam filtering
  • calendars

iiNet's $6.95 'Exchange 2' plan includes:
  • 25GB of storage
  • malware and spam filtering
  • calendars
  • email, calendar and contact synchronisation
  • push notification for mobile devices
Mobile support includes the ability to remote wipe mobile phones that are lost or stolen.
A particular advantage of iiNet's Hosted Exchange service is that it is operated inside Australia whereas Microsoft's Exchange Online is hosted in Singapore as far as Australian accounts are concerned.


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