Is your desk too low?

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Is your desk too low?

Given the current fashion (or fad, depending on your viewpoint) for standing desks, how high should your desk be?

A widely reported study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal suggested that if Americans reduced their sitting time to less than three hours per day could increase life expectancy by two years, and other studies have found other reasons to avoid spending too much time sitting down. 

This has led to current fashion (or fad, depending on your viewpoint) for standing desks.
But if you prefer to ring the changes between sitting and standing, there are adjustable tables such as the XTable (spotted by Gizmag).
The XTable: the table has a hand crank for raising or lowering the height. [Image source: KiBiSi]
Whether you're sitting or standing, how high should the desk be?
According to 'Officewise - A guide to health & safety in the office' published by WorkSafe (the Victorian Government's workplace safety authority), it's best to start by adjusting the chair so your "feet are comfortably flat on the floor, thighs are approximately horizontal and the lower legs approximately vertical." Then the desk should be adjusted "so the top surface is just below elbow height."
Standing benches usually need to be "between 850mm and 950mm from the floor, but this will depend on the type of task performed." If the surface is too low the person will stoop to reach down to the surface, and if it is too high they will have to keep their hands above their elbows. The "just below elbow height" rule appears to apply whether standing or sitting.
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