Is your chair a pain in the back?

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Is your chair a pain in the back?

There's more to sitting comfortably than merely getting the seat height right.

We recently looked at the question of how high a desk should be , and in passing noted a Victorian Government agency's advice that a chair should be adjusted so your "feet are comfortably flat on the floor, thighs are approximately horizontal and the lower legs approximately vertical."

That's fine as far as it goes, but how do you pick the right chair in the first place?

After all, the fixed dimensions of the various components vary significantly, and there's more to sitting comfortably than merely getting the seat height right.

If you've already experienced a well-fitting chair you can spend a lot of time in a showroom trying out different models to see which works best for you after making the necessary adjustments, but one office furniture company offers a short cut.

Sit Back & Relax's SitFit takes an individual's seated thigh length and height, and matches those dimensions against a range of 24 chairs to find the best fit.

Interestingly, the recommendation for this writer was a chair of very similar design and size to the one he selected using the exhaustive trial-and-error approach outlined above.

You might use SitFit in conjunction with Sit Back & Relax's ergonomic chair finder which takes into account additional factors such as the need for extra lumbar support, or greater strength to support heavier individuals.

If you're buying more than one seat at a time, the company offers a business service that invites staff members to respond to a three-step survey and then generates a shopping list of appropriate chairs.

Sit Back & Relax also provides a library of videos showing how to adjust each of the chairs in its range, and there's a 30-day exchange period if you're unsatisfied with the size of the chair you purchased.

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