Is Telstra about to do a Blackberry?

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Is Telstra about to do a Blackberry?

All-you-can-eat email pricing is apparently on the way for Windows Mobile users along with a new "skin" for Windows Mobile phones.

The options for small businesses and indeed anyone wanting corporate-style email on their mobile are getting better.

Telstra let slip to our friends over at iTnews that they are planning all-you-can-eat mobile email pricing to launch with their new "skin" for Windows Mobile phones in May.

Details are thin on the ground for the moment, but we'd imagine the pricing will make the Windows Exchange platform a more enticing option for push email.

What will be interesting to see is whether Telstra offers the all-you-can-eat plans to small businesses without Exchange servers of their own. Telstra is offering hosted email for businesses without their own servers via its T-Suite service - combining this with all-you-can-eat plans would make perfect sense, we think.

For small business who don't have the infrastructure or resources for setting up their own email servers, hosted apps, or "Software as a Service" as the marketing types like to call it, is providing another way in.

Another provider, Roxy Mail, is also touting hosted email services for $8.50 per user. The sales pitch is that this could save you thousands on setting up your own Microsoft Exchange email and communications server.

If you're willing to take a punt on free webmail, even free webmail is starting to look pretty impressive for your mobile phone. Google Sync is offering push email to iPhones and Windows Mobile phones, and Microsoft's My Phone beta is offering syncing to the Web for Windows Mobile users.



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