Is it worth getting a domain for your small business?

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Is it worth getting a domain for your small business?

If you're registering a doman name for your business, you might go for address, but what about

Although they have been around practically forever - at least in Internet terms - domains haven't been as popular with businesses as
We mention this because AusRegistry is running a $1 special during May.
Although there are some high-profile sites in the namespace, notably, almost ten times as many domains than domains have been registered.
The domain was originally intended for use by "network infrastructure and providers", hence examples like and But under current rules it is available for general commercial purposes.
What this means is that if you weren't able to secure the name you really wanted for your business because someone else got in first, there's a reasonable chance that it's still available in
For example, we notice that and appear to have been registered by two completely separate businesses.
The requirements for registering a are the same as for, so both are generally regarded as relatively trustworthy. However does have the advantage of greater familiarity among the general public.
Bear in mind that you're not limited to a single domain: and are both associated with the same site.
Since domain names are so cheap - there's no need to pay more than $20 per year for a or - it can make sense to register the best-fit names in both namespaces. They might be the legal or trading name of your business, or we've noticed some businesses use a short form that people commonly use (for example Woolworths has, and redirects to the Dick Smith site).
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