iPrimus announces how much fixed wireless NBN will cost

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iPrimus announces how much fixed wireless NBN will cost

Do you live or work in an area that is or will be covered by the NBN's fixed wireless network? Here is what iPrimus will charge.

iPrimus has announced prices for its fixed wireless plans, at the same time as it connects its first fixed wireless customer in Warrenheip, Victoria.

As expected, these prices match those offered to iPrimus customers on the NBN fibre network who select a 12/1Mbps service.
Prices start at $49.95 per month for 40GB. Half of that data allowance is available only between 10pm and 2am.
That also applies to the 100GB ($59.95) and 300GB ($69.95) plans, but the $99.95 'No Worries' plan provides 1TB of data per month that can be used at any time of day.
A $10 discount is offered to customers who bundle the service with an iPrimus 'Value' home phone.
iPrimus offers a Wi-Fi/Ethernet router at $139 for customers on a 12 month contract or $109 for those who sign up for 24 months.
These monthly prices are broadly in line with those announced by other ISPs, though direct comparisons are not always possible due to variations in the size of the data quotas.
How the plans compare to other providers
For example:
  • SkyMesh has a range of fixed wireless plans from $29.95 per month (5GB plus 10GB off-peak) to $79.95 (500GB plus 500GB)
  • iiNet has two plans (20GB plus 20GB for $49.95, and 100GB plus 100GB for $59.95)
  • iiNet subsidiary Internode has four plans ranging from 30GB for $49.95 to 1TB for $139.95. It's worth noting that Internode does not meter certain types of content including the ABC's iView catch-up TV service.
If NBN Co's plan is allowed to proceed to completion, the NBN will provide a fibre service to the vast majority of Australian homes and businesses, with fixed wireless used to serve smaller or insufficiently dense communities.
A satellite service will fill in the gaps, especially in remote areas.
Ready to learn more about how to prepare your workplace for the NBN? Click here for our free NBN Toolkit.


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