Internode 3G wireless shapes up against Optus and Three

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Internode 3G wireless shapes up against Optus and Three

The new kid on the wireless block increases its data quotas, and offers some handy advantages when compared against the likes of big guns like Optus and Three.

It's early days for Internode's 3G wireless broadband (launched in April under the brand NodeMobile Data), but their plans and pricing are looking promising.

Today Internode announced it has upped its entry level $14.95 data quota to 500MB, which is a pittance, but might suffice if all you need is to check email on the road.

If you're after a wireless deal to function as your main broadband service, then Internode has also increased its $39.95 plan from 3GB to 5GB per month.

If you're shopping for a good wireless broadband deal, two big differences in packages on the market are the bundled pricing and contract periods.

Internode's plans compare well to Optus wireless broadband, if you're not interested in bundling an Optus phone service. Optus' bundled wireless broadband pricing gives you 1GB for $19.95, but at the unbundled price you're paying $29.95. iPrimus is another big player with 1GB for less than $20 if you're willing to sign up for a bundled package.

Internode also stands out from the crowd with a no-contract option - with big players like Optus or iPrimus you'll be on a 24-month contract. Also, Optus charges excess data fees if you exceed your monthly download limit, while Internode doesn't (and neither does iPrimus).

Three, which offers consistently good pricing, has one of the best deals with 1GB for $15 a month, but again, it's over a 24 month contract, and charges excess usage fees if you go over your monthly limit. Three offers no-contract and pre-paid options.

You can read more about wireless plans in our Broadband Buyer's Guide: Fixed vs Mobile

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