I must confess I like the Adobe Creative Cloud

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I must confess I like the Adobe Creative Cloud

Opinion: Jon Honeyball explains why Adobe's Creative Cloud is a preferable way to get the best "arty" tools.

[There has been quite a bit of talk about Adobe's Creative Cloud, which is the pay-by-the month way of getting popular tools like Photoshop. The following is an excerpt from a column by Jon Honeyball, published in PC & Tech Authority magazine. Given how relevant these tools are for people like photographers, designers and video editors we decided to share it with you here.]
As well as being a fan of the full E2 Office 365 subscription, I must confess I like the Adobe Creative Cloud offering. It gives you a frankly ridiculous amount of creative power for less than the cost of a daily frothy coffee - and on two machines. 
If I’m honest, the real cost is the time required to learn these tools to any sort of depth. But as it stands, I know I have the best “arty” tools available to me on both Windows and Mac, and I don’t have to stump up the high cost of entrance every year. For a business, and even for a home user, a small drip feed of cost is almost always preferable to a significant one-off outlay. 
Currently, I have the tools installed on two Windows boxes, one running Windows 7 and the other running Windows 8 (both 64-bit). I wanted some of the tools on a Mac, since I wanted to compare Adobe’s video-editing tools with those of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, so I went to the Adobe site to see if I could add another user account to my subscription. I could, but Adobe wanted twice as much money. I decided to uninstall the software from one of the Windows boxes and use that licence instead. 
However, I have to say I was a little surprised when I played with the “number of seats required” slider - slide it up to 100 and the monthly bill is 100 times that for a single seat. Surely at some point there’s volume discount. Not even at 100 seats? Come on, Adobe, you can do better than that. 
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