How to secure your Office 365 data

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How to secure your Office 365 data

Microsoft has released Office 365 Secure Score and a video explaining how to use it to keep your Office accounts and documents secure online.

We all want to keep our systems in a secure state, but it's not always easy to keep track of what can be done, what has been done, and hence what is yet to be done.

Microsoft recently introduced Office 365 Secure Score, "a new tool that helps you to automatically assess the security posture of your Office 365 accounts, data, and devices."

To make life easier for administrators, the company has created a video providing an overview outlining what it does and how to use it.

This writer isn't a fan of video explanations of software – they chew up a lot of bandwidth, you can't control the pace, and they're often so blurry you can't really see what's happening – but we suspect most Office 365 admins would consider this one to be a good use of four and a half minutes of their time.

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