How to reach new customers through social influencers

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How to reach new customers through social influencers

Word-of-mouth advertising can become viral if you approach the right people the right way, according to a PR guru.

We've previously passed on some of PR professional Wendy McWilliams' advice for small businesses that want to do their own PR (including A tip if you've never tried doing your own PR and Should you use video to promote your business?)

Her latest tips explain how small businesses can go about engaging with social media influencers. These are the people who post prolifically on Facebook, Instagram, a blog or another social platform – typically on a specific topic such as fashion or food – and wield a great deal of influence over their thousands of followers.

Here's a potted version of McWilliams' tips, but if this is something you have been considering, we'd recommend that you read the whole article for more details on each tip and her final "pro tip".

  1. Do "due diligence" to create a shortlist of influencers.
  2. Make initial contact, mentioning that you plan to make them an offer. The idea is to start a relationship before talking business.
  3. Determine what that offer will be.
  4. Determine exactly what you want in return (the 'ask').
  5. Make sure the offer and ask include a way of measuring the results, for example through the use of tagging or tracking elements.
  6. Evaluate the outcomes and assess the potential for future collaborations.
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