How to get someone to make your great app idea

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How to get someone to make your great app idea

So you have a great idea for a phone or tablet app, but don't know how to make one? Here's one way to get it made.

If you have an idea for an app but lack the skills or funds to put it together yourself, AppVillage looks like an interesting alternative.

AppVillage is a site where you can submit your idea for an app, and have the chance of someone making it.

The site brings together the three key elements that go into making a successful app; the idea, the skills to execute and investment to pay for it. You can be a part of AppVillage by becoming involved in any of those three roles. 

Everyone involved in the project gets paid assuming the app actually sells.
Submitting an idea isn't free - there's a $15 fee that AppVillage says is designed to deter frivolous ideas and to cover some of the cost of evaluating the idea. Once an idea is submitted, it's evaluated by AppVillage and if it's viable they offer the idea to developers and market the app. As the submitter of the idea, your role is pretty much over until you're paid a royalty for the life of the app. 
The AppVillage process goes through five stages; Submission, Validation, Production, Promotion and Celebration. The royalty amount received by each party varies depending on the level of investment they make.  
If you have the money and idea but not the skill, then you could look at other alternatives like Freelancer to hire a developer, pay them a flat fee and not have any royalties.


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