How to deliver projects on time and under budget

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How to deliver projects on time and under budget
3DEXPERIENCE acts as a universal language and single source of truth for multi-disciplinary teams across multi-faceted projects of all sizes
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Projects have exponentially increased in size, complexity and budget. How can you manage them?

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Modern Project Management took shape in the 1990’s with the likes of Gantt Chart Waterfall techniques. However, as projects have exponentially increased in size, complexity and budget, managing all of the tasks and assets involved has become increasingly challenging. In addition, 2020 has demonstrated just how serious business disruption can occur anytime and that organisation and knowledge of activities has never been more important. Dassault Systèmes has collated these issues into four, core tenets for government, verticals and enterprise – connectivity, speed, complexity plus ‘time and budget’ – and embedded them into 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud.

1. Connectivity

All project stakeholders need access to all relevant information anywhere in the world, whether it's at home, the airport or a construction site and they need access to it on any platform. However, multi-disciplinary teams are using disconnected tools to perform their domain-related activities in different silos. This separation of processes and tools often leads to a serial approach to product development and projects, which makes it increasingly difficult to identify common tasks or goals of the project.

2. Speed

Nowadays, companies are required to get their project to market faster than ever before. Yet, they must still be delivered on time, under budget and with higher quality. We also see that actual project managers are often disconnected from the work being performed. They must perform days of verbal and manually communicated updates between doers and managers and use disconnected tools that add many non-value-added tasks to a project. When there are many non-value-added tasks there’s a reduction in speed and an increase in costs.

3. Complexity

With projects getting larger, it’s harder to convey how an entity’s task relates to one or more other requirements that need to be fulfilled. In some instances, stakeholders can lose sight of project goals altogether. This is exacerbated by project managers having a lack of real-time updates to project status within projects. This means that they can frequently fail to fully investigate why a particular task was late, or lose the opportunity to identify a task which requires their immediate action. This, in turn, denies them the opportunity to identify workflows that would avoid problems in the future.

4. Time and Budget

The balancing of time and budget has always been a basic tenet of project management. Both are always constrained by scope, schedule and available resources. Plus, they frequently blow-out because projects are managed in different silos, across disconnected systems and with different processing tools. This makes it increasingly difficult for project managers to adapt to changes, which consequently leads to overshooting the budget and a loss of time.

Vicious Cycle

Disconnected systems, a lack of universal language and multiple, non-value-added activities lead to many issues that all exacerbate one another:

  • Higher percentage of errors in the execution of tasks.
  • Higher costs born from the lack of synchronisation between scope and resources.
  • Reduction in productivity, due to lack of project visibility on project task risk and lack of real time updates.

All these factors often lead to a higher percentage of project failures which leads to more errors, cost blowouts and productivity loss. So how can we move on from this disconnected, multi-silo approach which uses these disconnected systems and tools?

This is where Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud platform comes in. It acts as a universal language and single source of truth for multi-disciplinary teams across multi-faceted projects of all sizes. Using seamless communication, collaboration and centralised, up-to-date, connected data, it increases the likelihood of bringing in a high-quality project on time and under budget. It features social collaboration, project planning, web design and multi device execution. Ultimately it enables collaboration that overcomes geographical and business silos, all on one platform.

Click here to find out how the 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud can boost your project management performance.

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