How to change your screen resolution in Windows 10

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How to change your screen resolution in Windows 10

Sounds simple, but switching resolutions has moved house since older versions of Windows. Here's how it's done

Changing the screen resolution shouldn't be hard. Windows 10 doesn't make it tricky, but it has given it a change of address in the new version. Here's how you can find it.

  1. From the Windows desktop, either right click anywhere on the screen and click 'Display settings.' If you're in tablet mode, a long touch will have the same effect.

  2. If you're not there already, click 'Display' in the list on the left

  3. Scroll down to the bottom and select 'Advanced display settings' (no, we're not sure why resolution is 'advanced', but there we are)

  4. Near the bottom of the window there's a resolution dropdown, showing all the screen resolutions your PC can display. Pick one.

  5. Press 'apply' and you're all set.

If you can't find the resolution you'd like, chances are either your monitor doesn't support it, or your graphics card drivers could do with an update. Visit

AMD, nVidia or Intel for updates.


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