How often should I update my phone?

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How often should I update my phone?

If you're near the end of a contract, your carrier will call and encourage you to upgrade so that you get the latest and greatest - and you get locked in to another contract. But should you upgrade?

Almost every other week someone releases a new smartphone that purports to be the best ever. 

The decision to upgrade to a new handset should be driven by a couple of different decisions. Does your current handset do everything you need? Is there a compelling new feature that you need (don't confuse need with want)? Here are some scenarios to work through to help you.
1 - Is your current phone is a couple of years old?
Chances are that if your phone is a couple of years old that the battery doesn't last as well as it used to. If the battery isn't easily replaced, then a new phone is worth considering. New handsets have much better screens, are faster and greatly improved software.
BIT's advice: Unless the hardware is failing in some way, there's no rush to update. If you're off contract, you can take your time, perhaps move to a cheaper plan and bide your time till a new handset that suits your needs is released.
2 - Is your handset less than a year old?
Some of us are serial upgraders who want to have the latest and greatest. The reality is that while there is constant improvement it's not likely that a one year old handset is going to be drastically behind anything newer.
BIT's advice: There's little need to upgrade within a year of getting a new handset unless someone comes out with a compelling new feature that lets you do something you need that wasn't there before. Doing the same things 5% faster might be nice but only you know whether that bump is a want or need.
If your current phone does what you need then we'd suggest holding off on upgrades. When you hit the end of a contract it's likely that you'll be able to save a few dollars a month if you hold onto your phone. Serial upgrading is tempting but unless there's a new feature that will add value to your business there's no need.
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