How often do you get out of your chair each day?

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How often do you get out of your chair each day?

Concerned about what the amount of time you spend sitting down is doing to your health?


The Movement is a computer program that comes from a company founded by a chiropractor. It issues hourly break reminders and then uses video to present a variety of stretching exercises that take about two minutes each.
Some of the exercises are performed standing up, others while seated. If the reminder comes at an inconvenient moment, the break can be postponed.
The software runs on Windows or Mac OS X. It costs $US19.99 per year, including an online activity log that compares the number of breaks you take each day with the average for all users (less than one per day as of this writing).
The usual advice is that you should consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, although some of these stretches seem similar to those recommended by airlines to their passengers on long-haul flights.
We also recently reported the development of a "sitting pad" by University of Queensland researchers that sounds an alarm when it's time to stand.
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