Holiday reading list: The Power of Habit

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Holiday reading list: The Power of Habit

What's on your reading list for the holidays? Here's one that caught our eye.

With Christmas looming, we're readying a few good reads for the holidays and this title - The Power of Habit - caught our eye over at Amazon's "Best Books of 2012: Editors' Top Picks" list.

We're usually a bit wary of this genre, and some of the insights here - such as the premise that changing habits can transform our lives - are far from a revelation.
Still, the anecdotal stories contained in The Power of Habit sound intriguing: the marketing of Febreze, turning Alcoa into a "top performer", and the habits of Olympian Michael Phelps and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.
Author, New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg, uses his own experience working out why he needed a cookie break at work every afternoon at around 3:30pm (it was something other than the sugar, he argues) as way in to a discussion about the why and how of habits in our lives.
While we haven’t read this book yet, we'll be interested to see whether it deals with the related topics of avoidance and procrastination.
What's on your reading list? Add your comment below.


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