Hide the bird's nest under your computer table

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Hide the bird's nest under your computer table

Under or near just about every computer is a power board and a mess of power cables. 4Cabling has brought out a box to hide the lot.

I've been in many data centres and server rooms. I can tell when an IT department has its act together by looking at the server cabinets. If they look like cupboards with a bowl of spaghetti tipped over them, I start to wonder about attention to detail and adequate budgets.

If you have a communications cabinet that holds your servers, switches and other IT infrastructure then you need a cable management solution. That means ties that can be easily opened to add or remove cables, channelling for hiding cables and labels so you know where each cable comes from and goes.
4Cabling's Cable Box
On desks, computers with a mass of wires resemble a bird's nest add to desktop clutter that interferes with work and can even be a hazard - who doesn't know someone who has moved a cable that's tipped a cup of coffee or glass of water over?
IT cabling company 4Cabling today launched its new range of small to medium size cable management solutions, with its new cable box leading the charge. The cable box, priced at $32.95 (GST inclusive), hides cable disorder in small scale projects requiring six to eight way power boards.
4Cabling's lockable ethernet cable
In order to avoid accidental disconnects, 4Cabling recently released a lockable ethernet cable (prices start at $5.45) that requires a small key to disconnect. We've all had a moment where the network has been "down" only to discover a disconnected cable. 
It's worth checking out 4Cabling's web site as they have lots of interesting ways to manage something we often forget about - cables.
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