Here's Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active water resistant phone being dunked in water

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Here's Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active water resistant phone being dunked in water

Great news if you like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and like the sound of a water resistant version. Here are photos of the upcoming S4 Active plopped in water.

There are a few ways to rain-protect your phone. We know from personal experience that if we try and shield our iPhone 4S as much as we can with a coat or umbrella it'll still work fine, though we dry it off pretty quickly.

A better way is to put on a special cover, like one from LifeProof or various other brands on the market. There is also a special invisible coating you can have applied to your phone, but you'll need to find a business that will do this for you.

An easier option is to get a phone that's water-resistant out of the box. Up till now choices have been limited, though one mainstream phone that's coming onto the market with this feature is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

Samsung's press releases use the term "water resistant", though we notice these two photos from a recent Samsung event show the phone being dunked in water.


We mentioned this phone in our list of 5 hot phones that might be coming this year.

A press release for the Galaxy S4 Active, describes it as an "evolution" of the S4, which is one of the most highly regarded Android phones on the market.

To give you an idea of the phone's water resistance, a press release states you can take photos and videos "underwater". Be aware it's a big phone, with a 5-inch screen.

In our view, water resistance could definitely be a handy feature, especially if you're working in wet areas, or outdoors.

At this stage all we know is we're expecting the Active in Australia this year. We'll let you know when we know more.

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