Here's how much data we add to the internet every minute

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Here's how much data we add to the internet every minute

This neat infographic tells us that, collectively, we have a lot of time on our hands

60 seconds isn't a long time, but with an estimated internet population of 3.2 billion people, a lot can be added to the internet in that window.

How much? Well, the team at Domo has had a go at figuring out averages in this mind melting infographic that really demonstrates that if you want to read everything on the internet, you're probably best off not waiting for retirement. In fact, to have a good crack at it, you should probably quit your job now and hunker down with the laptop. 

If we say I took 15 minutes to write this piece, take off ten minutes for image sourcing, CMS funsies and a deliberately ambiguous 'other', then I calculate that in an internet minute, I chipped in 40 words to sate the internet's constant thirst for data. But then I haven't looped any Vines, upvoted any Reddit submissions or hailed any Ubers. Yet.

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