Have a meeting on your iPad without leaving the office

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Have a meeting on your iPad without leaving the office

You can now use an iPad to host a meeting with the popular LogMeIn service join.me. Click to see how it works.

One app we've used many times for either sharing a presentation when not everyone can get to the meeting room or when collaborating on a project is Logmein's join.me.

So it's with interest we note that there's been a major update to the join.me app for the iPad. 

On an iPad you can use join.me to share files to other people on Macs or Windows computers. You can also share your screen, so other people can see what you are looking at - handy for showing off designs or photos, or presentations.

To do this, you use the "Open in..." function on your iPad. You get to this by doing a tap-hold on a file. 

The good thing is join.me is free for basic use.

You can upgrade to the Pro level of service for either $99 per year (on special from $149) or $19 per month . This delivers greater ability to control what is shared (an application rather than the whole screen) and the ability to shift control of the presentation to other participants. 

We've found the program is very simple to use. You install a small application from the join.me website. 

When you run the program, it makes your screen available to other parties but only if they enter a special nine-digit code that is generated each time you use join.me. 

Your colleagues can connect and view your screen by going to the join.me website and entering the code there. 

There's audio support so that you can chat to each other while sharing the screen although we tend to use a conference phone for the voice as we are sometimes constrained by the available bandwidth. 


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