Handy tip: how to see a full website on the Nexus 7, not the mobile version

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Handy tip: how to see a full website on the Nexus 7, not the mobile version

Using a tablet like the Nexus 7 to view your favourite site? Here's how to make sure you're seeing the site in all its glory, not the mobile phone version.


The Nexus 7 screen puts it smack-bang between conventional tablets and smartphones when it comes to screen size. So, how do you ensure that you see the version of a website that best fits the Nexus 7's seven-inch screen?
As the Nexus 7 is designed to showcase all the features of the latest version of Android - known as Jelly Bean, it ships with Chrome as the default browser. In our testing we found that some sites treat the Nexus 7 as full-sized device while others see it as a mobile device.
For example, if we use the Nexus 7 to visit the BIT website we are automatically directed to the mobile version of the website. In contrast, if we visit The Age or Sydney Morning Herald, we get the full desktop versions of their sites.
This isn't to do with the Nexus 7 - it's how the websites are created and how they recognise what sort of device is visiting the site.
The good news is that if prefer the full version of a website over the mobile version, Chrome makes it easy to "fool" websites into giving you the full site when they'd prefer to deliver the mobile version.
Adjacent to the address bar is the settings button. Tap it and choose the "Request Desktop Site" option. This will mean that next time you visit the site that you'll no longer get the mobile version.
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